Tom Brokaw - Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Multiple Myeloma in
the National Spotlight

Primetime Program Boosts Awareness

“MMRF became a foundation with a corporate attitude
about making change happen quickly through innovation.”

Tom Brokaw

On behalf of the thousands of people fighting multiple myeloma around the world, the MMRF thanks Tom Brokaw for stepping forward to eloquently share the story of his personal battle with multiple myeloma. This episode of Dateline sheds light on the second most common blood cancer that the MMRF is working quickly and efficiently to cure, making discoveries along the way that can help all cancer patients.


Tom Brokaw,
Special Correspondent, NBC News

Watch Dateline online to see MMRF Founder and Executive Chairman, Kathy Giusti, and read her accompanying blog,
The Empowered Patient” on