MMRF Research Programs - Multiple Myeloma Research Programs

MMRF Research Programs

MMRF scientist researching myeloma treatments

At the MMRF, we are all about acceleration. That means we are unafraid to challenge even long established research methods. If a system is not working we change it. If it is working well, we aim to improve it.

As a result, we have been able to greatly impact and improve the area of cancer research. With the most respected clinical, research, and medical industry partners, we have fueled more studies, initiated more trials, developed more treatments, introduced more medicines, and had a far greater impact than any other organization.

Research results
We mapped the myeloma genome, ushering in the era of precision medicine for myeloma. We opened more than 50 new trials. And we increased life expectancy threefold. Learn more. Learn more.

Drugs brought to market
The MMRF took an empty drug pipeline, filled it, and achieved ten FDA approvals in the time it normally takes to get one. Learn more.

Genomics initiative
The most comprehensive research collaboration focused on the genomics of myeloma is having a dramatic impact on our understanding of the disease at the molecular level. Learn more.

Researcher gateway
By centralizing and sharing genomic data, our goal is to accelerate discovery of individualized treatments, biomarkers, diagnostics and new drug targets. Learn more.

Community gateway
By sharing their journey, patients become active participants and help further accelerate precision approaches. Learn more.

Clinical trials
We have opened more than 50 clinical trials and aim to open 10 new ones in 2014. Learn more.