The MMRF CoMMpass Study - The CoMMpass Multiple Myeloma Study

The MMRF CoMMpass Study

We’re discovering a cure for multiple myeloma. Together.

Imagine a world where every multiple myeloma patient can use their smartphone to tap into a global treatment database that will tell them, based on their demographic data and myeloma status, what their best possible treatment decision is.

That world is coming. And CoMMpass is the first step to getting there.

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Tracking multiple myeloma.
Every step of the way.

Our goal is to one day track every single patient with multiple myeloma so that their treatment and results can be used to guide decisions for every new diagnosis. Think of it as crowd-sourcing cancer treatment.

We’re not there yet, but CoMMpass is a good start.

CoMMpass studies a wide range of patients. This helps make sure that whoever you are, if you have multiple myeloma, there’s someone in CoMMpass who looks like you.

See What We’ve Learned See How You Can Help

Tracking treatment changes.

Getting so many multiple myeloma patients together is already yielding powerful results. With CoMMpass, we can tell what treatment people took, for how long, and how well it worked.

But this is only the beginning of what we can discover.

See What We’ve Learned See How You Can Help