The MMRF CoMMpass Study

A new era of Precision Medicine

In 2011, before “precision medicine” had caught the imagination of the medical community worldwide, the MMRF was pushing forward to unleash its promise.

Together with our partners, we established the MMRF CoMMpass Study – a landmark initiative in the field of cancer research – with the goal of enrolling 1,000 patients who would provide tissue samples when first diagnosed, and then each time there was a change in their treatment. By mapping each of these patients’ genomic profiles to clinical outcomes, we will develop a more complete understanding of patients’ responses to treatments.

  • For Medical and Research Professionals

    The CoMMpass dataset, publicly available to researchers worldwide via the MMRF Researcher Gateway, will be the richest clinical and genomic dataset in multiple myeloma. It will allow us to accelerate the discovery of potential new targets, to characterize myeloma subtypes that could be treated more effectively, attain long-term, disease free survival for patients regardless of molecular subtype, and ultimately find cures for patients faster.

    Today, this vision has become a reality as we have enrolled our 1,000th patient and fulfilled the first phase of this critical work. The focus of the MMRF CoMMpass Study now turns to the longitudinal collection of data, attainment/profiling of sequential progression samples, and continued data analysis and translational efforts. All of which will help to bring myeloma patients closer to cures.

    More about the MMRF CoMMpass Study
    Earlier this year, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) brought together representatives from the top research organizations in multiple myeloma to share new data, brainstorm innovative solutions to cancer research, and identify new hypotheses to accelerate discovery of a cure for this devastating disease.

    Learn more about the interim analysis of MMRF’s groundbreaking CoMMpass Study by and what it means for patients from Daniel Auclair, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research at the MMRF; Jonathan Keats, PhD, Assistant Professor, Integrated Cancer Division at the Translational Genomics Institute; Leif Bergsagel, MD, Hematology/Oncology at Mayo Clinic; and Blake Aftab, PhD, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, by watching this video:

    Research professionals interested in accessing data from the
    CoMMpass study should contact the MMRF at

  • For Myeloma Patients

    The MMRF CoMMpass Study is about patients helping patients to put new treatment options within reach. By providing bone marrow samples when first diagnosed, and continuing to do so over at least 8 years, patients are enabling us to track how the disease progresses, changes, and reacts to novel treatments over time.

    MMRF CoMMpass Study Infographic

    Learn more about the importance of the MMRF CoMMpass Study. Click to enlarge.

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