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Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

Myeloma Awareness Month – March 2018

Multiple myeloma, a hematological (blood) cancer of the plasma cell, is the second most common blood cancer. Since March is Myeloma Awareness Month, we embrace the opportunity to bring awareness to this disease and to the patients and families that it affects.

Our vision is of a world where every person has precisely what they need to prevent or defeat multiple myeloma – where the entire community collaborates seamlessly from beginning to end, with ever- increasing momentum towards a cure.

Founded by patient Kathy Giusti in response to the lack of effective myeloma treatments available when she received her diagnosis in 1996, the MMRF is laser-focused on accelerating a cure for myeloma, and we know that patients have no time to waste . Together with the myeloma community, we help fuel studies, support clinical trials, and develop new medicines. We engage with the best science and technology partners to speed novel treatments to patients as quickly as possible.

The MMRF has the only end-to-end system to accelerate precision medicine in cancer. It is a model of patient-powered collaboration, based on three interrelated pillars: The Data Bank, The Learning Network, and The Clinic. Applying our innovative model to precision medicine — getting patients the right treatment at the right time — puts the promise of a cure within reach.

Precision Medicine Model

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During Myeloma Awareness Month, we will utilize our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to focus on a different theme each week. Join us to learn about:

Week 1: Patient Education Opportunities

Week 2: MMRF/C Clinical Trials

Week 3: Resources for Patients

Week 4: MMRF Research Initiatives


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    Patient Focus

    “Precision medicine is the future and will be helped by the development of big data” said Dr. Robert Lewy, myeloma patient. “The MMRF understood this and led the way.”

    “For anyone who has multiple myeloma or knows someone with this cancer, treatment options are critical” said Gary Altman, myeloma patient. “Supporting the MMRF means extending or potentially saving a life.”


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