MGUS - MGUS Multiple Myeloma - MGUS Myeloma -Monoclonal Gammopathy

MGUS & Multiple Myeloma

MGUS is a plasma cell neoplasm involving an excess of M protein. M protein is produced by plasma cells. With Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS), the plasma cells have not formed a tumor or multiple lesions, no symptoms have occurred, and the other criteria for a myeloma diagnosis are absent.

MGUS occurs in about 1% of the general population and in about 3% of healthy individuals older than 70 years. Because MGUS does not cause symptoms or damage to the body, no treatment is needed. However, MGUS will often progress to multiple myeloma or another malignant plasma cell disease (lymphoma or amyloidosis) in about 20-25% of individuals over the course of their lifetime. MGUS can also be associated with other diseases such as osteoporosis, venous thrombosis and peripheral neuropathy.