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MMRF Myeloma Mentors


The MMRF Myeloma Mentors® program was created to provide patients with one-on-one support in order to help them navigate the complex challenges they will encounter along their patient journey. All patients from newly diagnosed to remission will gain valuable firsthand knowledge from patients and caregivers who have experienced many of the same issues. MMRF Myeloma Mentors have been trained and certified to share their experiences with multiple myeloma patients, physicians, industry and others in the myeloma community.

Mentor Spotlight: Deb and Allan Osbourne

Allan first experienced multiple myeloma as a bystander twenty years prior to his own diagnosis. Stanley Wells, the husband of Allan’s close friend Joyce, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and sadly passed a few months later. In November 2008, shortly after retiring as principal of Snug Harbor School in Quincy, MA, Allan found out that he, too, had multiple myeloma. Allan was devastated but quickly learned that the research and treatment landscape changed dramatically in those twenty years. Allan and his wife, Deb, discovered the MMRF and realized the treatments Allan had been given, which eventually led to his remission, were due to the work of the MMRF.

Allan and Deb wanted to get involved and more importantly help the research move forward.

Allan and Deb are deeply committed to helping those like himself who face the challenges of multiple myeloma. Throughout his active involvement as a member of the MMRF Myeloma Mentor(R) Program and CoMMunity Gateway®, Allan and Deb have met and mentored many people living with myeloma. Through these support networks they are able to use their experience as a multiple myeloma patient and caregiver to help others who are facing the complex issues associated with their diagnosis and treatment.

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