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The Translational Network

Translational Network

In order to rapidly advance findings uncovered at the basic science level and bring them to the clinic where the science can directly benefit patients, a strong translational network is needed. The network we have built is establishing state-of-the-art, pre-clinical models and collaboratively validating new emerging targets. It is evaluating innovative drugs in the pre-clinical setting to determine whether these agents should advance faster to myeloma trials. And it is identifying and validating markers of sensitivity and resistance to various therapeutics.

Participating centers include Mayo Clinic, University Health Network (Toronto); University of Navarra; Mount Sinai; MD Anderson; UCSF; and Dana-Farber.

Efforts include:

  • Novel mechanism of action and targeted drug validation
  • Identification of predictive biomarkets to identify patients who may benefit from specific therapies or potential drugs; development of more predictive pre-clinical myeloma models that better simulate human disease
  • Validation of the best tests to detect minimal residual disease with the goal of incorporating then into clinical trials an accelerate new drug development
  • Development and validation of immune system markets to accelerate new immunotherapies and immune-system based treatment strategies for myeloma