The MMRF CoMMpass Study - The CoMMpass Multiple Myeloma Study

The MMRF CoMMpass Study

Powering profound discoveries.

We’re only just scratching the surface of what a research project like the MMRF CoMMpass Study can find. Usually, hospitals and drug companies keep their data to themselves. CoMMpass data are meant to be shared. Which means researchers from around the world can use this study to discover the future of multiple myeloma treatment.

This is just some of what we’ve learned so far.

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We know more about treatment.

Based on some early results from CoMMpass, we know that:

We know more about risk.

We’ve looked at a lot of different people in CoMMpass. So we can tell who’s at higher risk and who isn’t, which can help guide treatment decisions and help us decide what kinds of medications are needed.

12 types of multiple myeloma

Talk to your doctor about your myeloma and what treatment(s) might be right for you.

These findings are just the beginning. The next step is to study more patients and identify more types of multiple myeloma, in the hopes of discovering more pathways to a cure. We hope you’ll be a part of our journey.

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