The Cancer Archipelago® - Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
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1. a large group or chain of islands
2. any large body of water with many islands
3. something resembling an archipelago; especially: a group or scattering of similar things

The cancer research landscape is that of a scientific archipelago – A scattered expanse of siloed data sets operating independently of one another with the potential to spark universal change, if united.

Especially with multiple myeloma, it is molecularly different for each patient and also dynamic within each patient; therefore, a critical mass of data, analysis and understanding is required to optimize treatments and continue the advancement of precision medicine. Collaborating with best-in-class partners, the MMRF is beginning to uncover deeper insights into the disease’s biology that reveal important new drug targets.

The MMRF is working to build bridges between the islands in the archipelago by:

  • Aggregating data sets through databases like the MMRF Researcher Gateway
  • Multicenter research such as through the MMRC and CoMMpass
  • Combination therapies being tested in the labs throughout the MMRF Translational Network of Excellence and in the clinic through the MMRC in an effort to foster collaboration and leverage the collective power of the entire community in order to accelerate discoveries leading to new treatments and cures.