MMRF Research Partners - Multiple Myeloma Research Partners

The MMRF precision medicine model

The MMRF is the only organization that has built an end-to-end cancer research system to facilitate and accelerate the entire process. It unites many disparate entities: industry, academia, biotechs, clinics, researchers, the FDA, the NIH, caregivers and patients - the Cancer Archipelago®. This unique model is being emulated for other disease research.

Research Partners

The Data Bank

A robust collection of high quality clinical and molecular data that makes it possible for the global research community to work as one.

  • Compass Study

    MMRF CoMMpass Study

    This first-of-its-kind study provides one of the most comprehensive clinical genome maps of any cancer leading to a better understanding of disease progression and greater insights for the development of personalized treatments.

  • Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative

    Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative (MMGI)

    The molecular profiles of 500 relapsed and refractory patients help us accelerate development of targeted therapies for different subtypes of myeloma.

  • Multiple Myeloma Patient Registry

    Multiple Myeloma Patient Registry

    This registry allows health care professionals and researchers to identify trends, learn about the most effective treatments and design clinical trials for potential new therapies.


The Learning Network

Open sharing of our valuable data allows researchers and clinicians worldwide to contribute to a growing knowledge base, accelerating one another’s research and discovery. Learn more.

  • Researcher Gateway

    MMRF Researcher Gateway

    This first-in-class publicly shared database provides access to genomic data from the landmark MMRF CoMMpass Study℠. The Gateway is available to researchers and clinicians.

  • Myeloma Disease Model

    Myeloma Disease Model

    Integrative analyses of the genomic and clinical data generated by the MMGI and the landmark MMRF CoMMpass Study℠ will help accelerate more effective treatment approaches for all patients.

  • Translational Network

    Translational Network

    Findings uncovered at the basic science level are brought to the clinic where they can directly benefit patients.


The Clinic

Our own clinical network of leading research institutions and cancer centers, the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium, helps speed new therapies to trial and to the patients that need them. Learn more.

  • About the MMRC

    About the MMRC

    The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium, the clinical research arm of the MMRF, is a collaborative network of 22 leading academic and community centers that conduct research and clinical trials.

  • Drugs Brought to Market

    Drugs Brought to Market

    The MMRF has helped to bring a record ten drugs to market in the time it normally takes to get one drug approved.

  • MMRC Clinical Trials

    MMRC Clinical Trials

    The MMRC has built one of the most robust and balanced clinical trial portfolios for myeloma patients.

We have brought 10 drugs to market in record time. These drugs have tripled life expectancy. More are in the pipeline now. Learn more >

MMRF CME Accredited education programming for healthcare professionals.

The MMRF provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) accredited programs for healthcare professionals to learn more about multiple myeloma, emerging treatment options and clinical trials from key leaders in myeloma.

  • Multiple Myeloma Virtual Institute - Personalizing Multiple Myeloma Treatment for Maximum Benefit Case-based Activity

  • Multiple Myeloma Updates from the 20th EHA Congress and 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting

  • Multiple Myeloma Updates from the 2015 ASH Annual Meeting

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Our world-class partnerships have fueled more than 60 clinical trials

Together with our partners, the MMRF has opened more than 60 trials of 30 new therapies including immunotherapies, targeted therapies and novel agents that have the potential to improve and extend the lives of myeloma patients.