Accelerator Magazine

The official magazine of the MMRF is issued twice a year to keep our stakeholders updated about noteworthy initiatives and other news.

Accelerator Winter 2016

Winter/Fall 2016 Accelerator

  • Record-breaking Research Presentations from CoMMpass Study at ASH
  • Realizing the Promise of Precision Medicine
  • Minimal Residual Disease: Faster Detection, Better Outcomes

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Accelerator Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Accelerator

  • Precision Medicine: Then and Now
  • MMRF CoMMpass Study: An Update
  • Promising New MMRC Clinical Trials Enrolling Patients Now
  • The MMRF Molecular Profiling Initiative

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Accelerator Fall / Winter 2015

Fall/Winter 2015 Accelerator

  • The MMRF CoMMpass Study Reaches a 1,000 Patient Milestone
  • Precision Medicine – The Time is Now
  • A Short Course in Immunotherpy
  • Connecting Patients and Caregivers to Knowledge and Treatments

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Accelerator Summer 2015

Summer 2015 Accelerator

  • The MMRF Precision Medicine Model
  • Established and Experimental Treatments
  • Introducing MyMMRF
  • Being a Knowledgeable Patient

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Accelerator Fall/Winter 2015

Fall/Winter 2014 Accelerator

  • Making Precision Medicine a Reality for Multiple Myeloma Patients
  • The Accelerators: How the MMRF Reached this Transformational Moment
  • Know Everything that Is Happening in Myeloma
  • Multiple Myeloma Master Protocol

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