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Myeloma Awareness Month – March 2017

Multiple myeloma, a hematological (blood) cancer that develops in the plasma cells, is the second most common blood cancer. At the MMRF, we work tirelessly to accelerate precision treatments for multiple myeloma patients every day. Since March is Myeloma Awareness Month, we embrace the opportunity to bring even more awareness to this disease and to the patients and families that it affects.

At the MMRF, our commitment to myeloma patients is driven by the urgency of patients and their families to find more effective, more precise treatments as quickly as possible. As a patient-founded organization, we understand that time is of the essence and we waste none of it in our dedication to providing better patient outcomes. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind precision medicine model, the landmark MMRF CoMMpass Study and many other initiatives, the MMRF has helped to bring an incredible amount of progress to myeloma research in the past decade. We have seen 10 new FDA-approved treatments, a tripling of the life spans of patients, and new novel therapies and clinical trials on the horizon. Despite this progress, we still have many strides to make towards finding a cure. That is why we hope you will help us all month long in bringing attention to this uncommon cancer and join us in accelerating towards a cure.

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Accelerating Myeloma Research & Treatments

We are more than the private funder of multiple myeloma research in the United States – We are the only organization that has built an end-to-end cancer research system to facilitate and accelerate the entire process. It unites many disparate entities: industry, academia, biotechs, clinics, researchers, the FDA, the NIH, caregivers and patients. This unique model is being emulated for other disease research.


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