Bence Jones Protein Test - Quantitative Bence Jones Protein Test


Bence Jones Protein Test

A quantitative Bence-Jones protein test measures the specific level of abnormal proteins in your urine. These abnormal proteins, or immunoblobulin light chains found in the urine, are called Bence-Jones proteins. Bence-Jones proteins are made by plasma cells, a type of white blood cell. When Bence-Jones proteins are detected in a patient’s urine, it’s typically associated with a malignancy of plasma cells.

No Bence-Jones proteins will be detected in their urine of healthy patients. Conversely, 75% of myeloma patients will have the Bence-Jones protein detected from their urine samples. Bence-Jones proteins are considered by most as physicians as the first tumor marker, or the first substance found in the body that indicates cancer. Physicians will also use this test to determine how a myeloma patient is responding to treatment.