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Multiple Myeloma Knowledge Center

The multiple myeloma knowledge center offers resources and information on a number of subjects concerning multiple myeloma.

One of the most important aspects of living with multiple myeloma is knowledge and understanding. Our multiple myeloma information resources are intended to help patients and their families learn as much as possible about this treatable cancer, enabling them to have informed conversations with their doctors. The first question that every myeloma patient or family member should ask is “what is multiple myeloma”? Once you’ve learned the basics about what multiple myeloma is, our multiple myeloma knowledge center offers expanded details on multiple myeloma treatment options, multiple myeloma drugs, experimental treatments, or diagnostic testing information.

Drugs Guide

Our myeloma drugs guide provides resources for myeloma patients seeking information on conventional, FDA-approved multiple myeloma drugs.

Treatments Guide

The multiple myeloma treatment guide offers insight into conventional multiple myeloma treatment options. Find out which treatments may be used to destroy the cancerous myeloma cells or learn how to manage multiple myeloma symptoms including bone pain or anemia.

Myeloma Experimental Treatments

Multiple myeloma experimental treatments are classified as treatments that have yet to be approved by the FDA. They intend to treat myeloma by improving on or replacing conventional myeloma treatment methods. Learn more about today’s experimental myeloma treatments.

Multiple Myeloma Tests

Multiple myeloma tests aim to diagnose in patients that have not shown myeloma symptoms. Learn how blood tests, urine tests, or bone marrow tests are used by doctors to diagnose multiple myeloma.

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