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Team Jeffy C and TNT’s Story

Posted: September, 2014

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is pleased to present Team Jeffy C and TNT with the 2014 MMRF Race for Research: Twin Cities 5K Walk/Run Spirit of Hope Award. This courageous team has continued to grow in numbers and gain supporters over the past couple of years in support of all cancer patients, and specifically in honor of Jeff Carlson and Nate Tatarek. The team has become very active in the myeloma community to honor the life of Jeff, whose legacy carries on strong through his wife Julie-Anne, son Maxwell, family and friends, as well as to support the strength of Nate who continues to fight this disease daily.

Team Jeffy C joined the MMRF Twin Cities Race for Research in 2011 when Jeff discovered that Dr. Kumar was the keynote speaker and Jeff decided he wanted to participate with his family. Race weekend every year all of their family and friends gather together for an annual picnic. This tradition began their first appearance at the race when Julie-Anne was 8 ½ months pregnant with their son Maxwell. The picnic has now developed into a pre-birthday party for Max and a reminder of just how special his father was. Sadly, Jeff passed on in February of 2012 at the young age of 34.
“When we continue to participate in honor of Jeff and others that have passed it adds to the legacy they left behind,” said Julie-Anne.

Team TNT (Team Nate Tatarek) against MM also began participating in the MMRF Race for Research: Twin Cities 5K Walk/Run in 2011 when Naomi, Nate’s mother, heard about the race through a friend of the family who also had multiple myeloma. Nate was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May 2010 and continues his fight for a cure. Coincidentally, Jeff and Nate were friends and co-workers prior to joining the fight against cancer. Nate considered Jeff to be his mentor at work and was inspired to join the race solely because Jeff was a participant. 2011 was unfortunately the only year Jeff and Nate spent together at the race.

Nate has walked the 5K for the past two years and remains confident that he will cross the finish line in his patient shirt for years to come. He wants to inspire other patients to be able to do the same while honoring the life of his dear friend and mentor, Jeff.

Jamie Tatarek, wife and avid supporter of Nate, leads Team TNT and plays a major role in the myeloma community. Although Nate has proved a prime example of Hope towards a cure, his wife Jamie has gone above and beyond the expectations of a supportive wife. After Jeff’s passing, Jamie and Julie-Anne decided to join forces to create an even bigger impact in the cancer world. The teams joined forces and combined the team names to Team Jeffy C and TNT so neither team lost its importance in their title.

Team Jeffy C and TNT have worked extremely hard over the past four years in order to gain support and raise money for the MMRF. Just last year they raised over $7,000 and gathered close to forty team members on race day. Despite the many obstacles both family and friends of Jeff and Nate have faced over the years, Julie-Anne expressed finding courage in love, family, friends, memories, and “knowing that Jeff leaves a legacy behind that’s downright phenomenal.”

“Jeff and Nate’s friends and family continue to support the cause and raise money to do what they can to help others who are faced with the same diagnosis. The MMRF 5K is a time for Jeff and Nate’s families to come together and remember Jeff and honor Nate and the battles they both have faced. This award shows that our hard work and passion can make a difference. Raising money for research for multiple myeloma is key to improving and creating new treatments and giving current multiple myeloma patients the chance for a cancer free future,” shared Jamie Tatarek.

The MMRF is proud and honored to recognize Jamie Tatarek, Julie-Anne Carlson, and Team Jeffy C and TNT for their tremendous support and dedication to raising myeloma awareness as well as fighting to find a cure for multiple myeloma.

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