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Susie Castillo-Robson and Robert Robson

RF Race for Research: San Francisco 5K Walk/Run

Spirit of Hope Honoree

The MMRF is proud to honor Susie Castillo-Robson and Robert Robson as the 2014 recipients of the MMRF Spirit of Hope Award, given at every MMRF Race for Research 5K event to people who inspire hope and show extraordinary commitment to the MMRF. Robert and Susie have touched the myeloma community with their strength of character, their kindness, and their embodiment of hope.

Susie and Robert’s Story:

Posted: March, 2014

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is delighted to recognize Susie Castillo-Robson and her husband, Robert Robson, as the MMRF Spirit of Hope honorees at the 2014 MMRF Race for Research: San Francisco 5K Walk/Run.

Susie is no stranger to overcoming tough obstacles throughout her life. At just nine months old, she battled a polio diagnosis. Then at age 11, she had to face living with Type 1 Diabetes. In 2010, with Robert by her side, Susie was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Shortly thereafter, Susie decided to adopt an amazing philosophy going forward. “If I was going to work so hard to stay alive by undergoing chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, I wanted my years to matter,” Susie shared. “We heard about the MMRF at a Bay Area myeloma support group meeting and decided the MMRF Race for Research 5K Walk/Run fit the bill for truly making an impact because the MMRF spearheads such important and urgent work in myeloma research.”

In April 2011, Susie and Robert along with family members and close friends, signed up to walk at the San Francisco Race. That first year, Team Susie raised an extraordinary $5,050 for the MMRF. Since then, each year, members of Team Susie come from far and wide to participate. In 2012 and 2013, Team Susie collectively raised $26,784 – bringing their three-year total to $31,834 raised for the MMRF!

“We are so deeply touched that, year after year, our family and friends continue to support our efforts and enthusiastically await word when the next year’s event will take place,” Robert said. “2014 marks our fourth year of participation at this special event and we are looking forward to another spectacular day on Sunday, April 6th.”

Susie and Robert shared an inspiring Spanish dicho: “No hay mal que con bien no venga.” (Translation: “There is not a bad thing that does not bring a good thing with it.”). Throughout their myeloma journey, Susie and Robert have been surrounded by top-notch doctors, nurses and researchers from UCSF, Stanford and the Berkeley Comprehensive Cancer Center and are so grateful for the support and care they have received. Susie and Robert also feel very blessed to have found the MMRF, as Susie has benefited from four of the six FDA approved drugs the MMRF has helped bring to market.

Susie and Robert both feel that multiple myeloma is a disease that is best faced together as a family. Robert ensures that Susie’s load is made lighter everyday – driving Susie to appointments, sitting by her side through treatment cycles, and staying positive every step of the way. “Susie is alive and feels that her years with myeloma have turned out to be some of the most meaningful,” declared Robert. “We cherish every single day.”

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