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Matt Capucilli

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Birthday Fundraiser in Memory of Dave Capucilli

Matt’s Story:

Posted: March, 2014

Matt Capucilli’s love and admiration for his brother Dave has always been tremendous. As the younger brother by five years, Matt looked up to Dave who was a great athlete, musician, scholar, humanitarian, and businessman who founded his own law firm in New York City. Matt and Dave were very close, and Matt served as Dave’s best man at his wedding in June 2013.

Dave was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in October 2013 and passed away soon thereafter from complications of the disease at age 37. The loss of such a beloved young man is tragic, and Matt searched for a creative way to deal with his grief.

Matt recalled that Dave once gave up his birthday to raise funds for charity: water, an organization that provides clean drinking water in developing nations. Inspired by Dave’s example, Matt decided to give up his own birthday this past January, and set up an online fundraising campaign for the MMRF. More than 130 people donated, raising over $11,000 to fund myeloma research in Dave’s memory.

Matt’s birthday fundraiser allowed so many of Matt and Dave’s friends to express their love by honoring Dave’s memory as well as support research to combat this devastating disease.

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