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Featured Supporter:
Maddie Hunter

MMRF Race for Research: 
Philadelphia 5K Walk/Run 2011

Spirit of Hope Honoree

The MMRF is proud to have honored Maddie Hunter at the October 1, 2011 MMRF Race for Research: Philadephia 5k Walk/Run.

Maddie’s Story:

Updated: October, 2011

Maddie is a multiple myeloma patient and has been a strong supporter of the MMRF for many years. She is also the co-leader of The Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group (PMMNG). The PMMNG was born from a local support group and has participated in the MMRF Race for Research Philadelphia 5k Walk/Run since 2004. Over the years, through various events including runs, walks and golf outings, Maddie and her teams have raised more than $1,000,000 dollars for the MMRF.

Maddie is also the founder and president of Hunter Unlimited, Inc., a leadership and personal development consulting practice. Maddie offers custom coaching strategies for all levels of leadership within companies as well as individuals. As a multiple myeloma patient and a former caregiver, Maddie is uniquely qualified to apply her coaching process to working with individuals who are living with cancer and has developed an interactive workshop based on assertive action and empowerment. Along with former PMMNG leader Debbie Exner, whose mother had multiple myeloma, Maddie has led dozens of these workshops across the country. Maddie and Debbie are also working on a book collaboration that has grown out of their shared experience and commitment to building more coordination amongst the members of health teams who provide care to patients.

Beyond this, Maddie served as a patient member of the Southwest Oncology Group and represents the Myeloma community at world-wide medical proceedings. Maddie is a long-time journal keeper and enjoys creative writing with a women’s writing circle.

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