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Justin Schaflander

Atlanta 5K Walk/Run

Atlanta 5K Walk/Run 2015 Spirit of Hope Honoree

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is delighted to recognize Justin Schaflander as the MMRF Spirit of Hope Honoree at the 2015 MMRF Team for Cures Atlanta 5K Walk/Run.

Justin’s Story

Posted May, 2015

Justin Schaflander first became familiar with multiple myeloma when his mother, Victoria, was diagnosed several years back. While Victoria was receiving treatment in Boston, her doctor told her of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Justin immediately became involved and has helped raise funds, as well as, awareness on behalf of his Mom along with thousands of patients around the world.

Unfortunately, with multiple myeloma cancer diagnosis, not only does the onset of the diagnosis cause panic for the patient, but also for the patient’s family and friends. Many people are unsure of where to turn, what to do, who to call, and struggle to imagine what the future holds. Individuals like Justin refuse to go down without a fight. As soon as his mom began treatment, he put his best foot forward and searched tirelessly to find an MMRF event in the Atlanta area.

Justin found the MMRF 5K Walk/Run program and registered his team “iHeart My Mom” for the Atlanta race. Justin’s yearning to do more is proven not only by generous actions such as donating to the Boston 5K Walk/Run, but also continues to donate and bring in funds towards the Atlanta race on behalf of his mother. He has become more and more active in the myeloma community wishing to support his mother and so many others in their courageous fight against this cancer. This will be Justin’s first year participating in the MMRF Team for Cures: Atlanta 5K Walk/Run and we are grateful to have him!

“First and foremost…I love my Mom and that is what the team name represents,” said Justin.

Justin’s love for his Mom has not gone unnoticed. As the Market President of iHeart Media in Atlanta, he plans to leverage his role with the company to make as big of an impact when it comes to generating awareness and raising funds for the MMRF. iHeart Media is the leading media company in America, delivering music, news, talk, sports, and other content to over 240 million listeners. They currently have the largest reach of any radio and television outlet in America. “We reach millions of people every day who can potentially help our cause,” explained Justin.

After humbly accepting the 2015 Spirit of Hope Award, we asked Justin, being new to the MMRF, what it meant to him to receive this prestigious award and he said, “Receiving this award is right up there with the most special moments in my life. I couldn’t be more proud of my family especially my wife Wendy for supporting me in these tough times for our family and helping me with my efforts to make a difference in the lives of all the families who are impacted by MM.”

Justin fully intends to make this race a long-standing tradition for his family and friends. Our Atlanta 5K Walk/Run event is just the beginning for this tenacious patient family member! The sky is the limit and finding a cure is the only option for Justin and his Mother.

“Hearing the pride and appreciation in my Mother’s voice when I shared the news of this amazing honor with her gives me added fuel to work harder to help find a cure for all and give the gift of life and hope.” -Justin

The MMRF works tirelessly to find a cure to extend the lives of patients just like Justin’s Mom, Victoria, and is proud to honor him as the recipient of the 2015 MMRF Spirit of Hope Award, given at each MMRF 5K Walk/Run event to a person who inspires hope and shows extraordinary commitment to the MMRF. Justin has touched the myeloma community with his strength of character, kindness, and determination in the fight to find a cure.

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