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Jessica Rubino

MMRF Race for Research: Tri-State 5K Walk/Run

Spirit of Hope Honoree

The MMRF is proud to honor Jessica Rubino as a 2013 recipient of the Spirit of Hope Award, given at every MMRF Race for Research 5K event to an individual who inspires hope and shows extraordinary commitment to the MMRF. Jessica has touched the myeloma community with her strength of character, her kindness, and her embodiment of hope.

Jessica’s Story:

The MMRF is delighted to recognize Jessica Rubino as the 2013 MMRF Race for Research: Tri-State 5K Walk/Run Spirit of Hope honoree. Jessica has been an avid supporter of the MMRF and its work since her mom Trish was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September of 2007.

On that fateful fall day, Jessica vowed to do anything she could to help her mom fight the disease. During the course of her research on the disease, Jessica quickly found the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and learned of the work being done by the organization to extend the lives of patients like her mom. She discovered the MMRF Race for Research: Tri-State 5K Walk/Run and instantly signed up for the race. TEAM TRISH was born.

Every year since 2008, Jessica is joined by her sister Stephanie, her brother Joseph and many family members and friends at the Tri-State race. However, Jessica’s commitment to the MMRF does not stop there. In 2013, TEAM TRISH formed a Boston chapter consisting of Jessica’s friends from Bentley University, who wanted to get involved and support Trish through her courageous fight. They raised over $6,000 for the MMRF. Jessica also organizes bi-annual “Cocktails for a Cause” happy hours in New York City. All proceeds from these wonderful events have benefitted the MMRF.

And still the Rubino family refuses to relent. This September, Jessica and Stephanie are boldly taking on the Berlin Marathon and have set a $20,000 fundraising goal! “My hope is that when my mom sees us training for this marathon, something we never could have imagined ourselves doing, she finds hope to beat multiple myeloma,” explained Jessica. “Every time I run and I feel pain, I think of her fighting this cancer and it pushes me to finish. So while it is my goal to provide hope for my mom, she inspires me and provides me with hope every single day.”

Jessica feels so honored to receive the 2013 MMRF Spirit of Hope Award on June 9th. “Knowing my mom has cancer is a very scary thing – the scariest thing I have had to deal with in my entire life,” Jessica shared. “But when I have hope, she has hope, and it becomes a never-ending circle of hope in our family.” After three years of living in remission, Trish relapsed in 2011. At that point, she had exhausted all of her treatment options and the next alternative was to participate in a clinical trial. However, before that trial even began, Kyprolis® (Onyx Pharmaceuticals), a drug therapy made possible through the efforts of the MMRF and its partners, was granted accelerated approved by the FDA. Trish has been on Kyprolis® ever since and it is working.

The MMRF is so grateful to Jessica and the Rubino family for their unyielding support and their tireless resolve to remain optimistic and hopeful. Since the day she first got involved in 2007, Jessica, with the support of family and friends, has raised over $100,000 for the MMRF! “My family and I truly believe newer and better drugs are coming to patients and I will do everything I can to help fund the research and keep my family full of hope.”

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