Improving the Overall Understanding of Immunotherapy in Multiple Myeloma

Immunotherapy Series

Gain a better understanding of the critical role your body’s immune system plays in the fight against multiple myeloma. Learn about the clinical approaches in immunotherapy to treat myeloma. Hear expert discussions on each of the immunotherapeutic approaches in multiple myeloma.

Webinar Topic Faculty  
Antibodies: The Body’s Foot Soldiers in the Battle Against Disease Don Benson, JR., MD, PhD
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACP
Joseph Mikhael, MD, FACP
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Myeloma Vaccines: A New Use of a Time-Tested Treatment David Avigan, MD
Hearn Cho, MD, PhD
Joan Levy, PhD
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Engineering the Immune System to Recognize Myeloma Cells David Avigan, MD
Ivan Marques Borrello, MD
Edward A. Stadtmauer, MD
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