Improving the Overall Understanding of Immunotherapy in Multiple Myeloma

Immunotherapy Series

Gain a better understanding of the critical role your body’s immune system plays in the fight against multiple myeloma. Learn about the clinical approaches in immunotherapy to treat myeloma. Hear expert discussions on each of the immunotherapeutic approaches in multiple myeloma.

Calendar of 2017 Patient Summit Webinars

Learn about immunotherapy, an exciting and rapidly growing field in multiple myeloma treatment.
This patient-focused webinar series is designed to help myeloma patient become better advocates for their own care.

Webinar Topic Faculty Date
Monoclonal Antibodies: A New Type of Myeloma Drug Tom Martin, MD – University of California San Francisco
Amy Marsala, MPH, MSN, NP – University of California San Francisco
Patient advocate: Gary Rudman
06/14/17 1:00 PM ET Register Now
Vaccines for Myeloma (and Other Advances in Immunotherapy) Kenneth C. Anderson, MD – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
David Avigan, MD – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
07/26/17 1:00 PM ET Register Now
Engineered Immune Cells Ivan Borrello, MD – Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Edward Stadtmauer, MD – University of Penn Medicine
08/9/17 1:00 PM ET Register Now

Past Immunotherapy Webinars

Webinar Topic Faculty  
Antibodies: The Body’s Foot Soldiers in the Battle Against Disease Don Benson, JR., MD, PhD
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACP
Joseph Mikhael, MD, FACP
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Myeloma Vaccines: A New Use of a Time-Tested Treatment David Avigan, MD
Hearn Cho, MD, PhD
Joan Levy, PhD
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Engineering the Immune System to Recognize Myeloma Cells David Avigan, MD
Ivan Marques Borrello, MD
Edward A. Stadtmauer, MD
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