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Introducing MyMMRF

Opportunities, resources, and empowerment at your fingertips

Informed patients and caregivers are empowered to make informed decisions. Learn about multiple myeloma, the efforts that are being made to cure it, the resulting treatments that are available, and more.

My provider of practical and helpful resources

In addition to ready-to-print educational materials, MyMMRF provides access to organizations that offer financial help for treatment and other kinds of support.


My connection to other patients and caregivers like me

At the MMRF CoMMunity Gateway, patients and caregivers can share their journey as participants in our search for better, more targeted treatments.


My partner in finding the right cancer center for me

Steps taken after diagnosis can have an impact on the quality of care you receive. Finding the right doctor is important because treatments for multiple myeloma are emerging at an exciting pace.


My trusted guide in finding the right clinical trials

Take action! Participating in clinical trials may give you access to potentially life-extending drugs that are not yet widely available. You may even find trials that your doctor may not know about.


Treatment options are advancing at an exciting pace

Our goal is to accelerate the development of treatments for multiple myeloma and keep you informed along the way. Learning about your options can help you make better informed decisions.


Here are the basics every patient needs
to know

Our patient and caregiver resources include two brochures you can download and print to read and share with loved ones.

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April 28, 2018
Hackensack, NJ


FAQs provide answers about every stage of multiple myeloma

See our FAQs for answers to some of the most common questions about multiple myeloma and treatment options.