Leadership Circle - Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

MMRF Leadership Circle Summit 2017

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Leadership Circle

The MMRF Leadership Circle Summit was held in Greenwich, CT on September 7th and included some of the foremost experts in myeloma research today. The MMRF is honored to be part of such an exciting time in myeloma research and we are thrilled to be able to share such progress with you.

The event highlighted four new MMRF initiatives which are breaking new ground in immunotherapy, uncovering deeper insights in the disease’s biology, launching preventive studies and creating more innovative trials. It was truly a one of a kind opportunity to hear from thought leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, academia and the most brilliant minds in myeloma research. For those who could not attend, we have provided a link to the day’s speakers as well as the inspirational chat with MMRF Founder, Kathy Giusti and Clifton Leaf, Editor-and-Chief, Fortune Magazine on the role precision medicine can play in developing treatments for all cancers. Please don’t forget to watch Tom Brokaw’s inspiring keynote address as well.