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Dr. Elsey’s Fund to
Cure Cancer

Dr. Elsey

Dr. Bruce and Kathy Elsey, longtime supporters of the MMRF, and devoted philanthropists, established the Dr. Elsey’s Fund to Cure Cancer in 2014 with a $1 million matching gift that urgently enables meaningful scientific and diagnostic advances to fuel critical new therapies and results for patients to help cure cancer now. Since 2009, the Elseys and their company Precious Cat have contributed the transformative support of nearly $9 million to support the mission of the MMRF to drive advancements in cancer research to accelerate a cure.

“Our family has cancer. We feel blessed that our family, that has multiple myeloma, can support Kathy Giusti’s much larger family that also has multiple myeloma. Kathy Giusti’s family is the MMRF and they are working tirelessly to quickly find a cure. We believe that a cure will come as a result of prayer and action. Let us not love in word but in action,” Dr. Bruce Elsey has said.

Since Kathy Elsey’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma in 2009, they have combined corporate success with a philanthropic cause: a commitment to cure cancer. Drawing on a unique business model, the Colorado couple sought to create an innovative way to share their success with the MMRF and myeloma patients everywhere. The answer came in the creation of a collaborative business model that supports the MMRF by Precious Cat directing a portion of their customers’ purchases towards curing cancer through the development of new treatments with real promise for patients who have no time to waste.

Through their unique business model the Elseys hope to inspire other individuals and companies to initiate similar programs. By utilizing this approach, the Elseys and Precious Cat not only generate much-needed funding to leverage progress into new treatments and cures for patients, but help to educate the public about the vital goals of the MMRF to fuel innovation, foster collaboration and speed clinical trials.

As the Elseys demonstrate, opportunities abound for other entrepreneurs to combine their passion and business acumen to help fund a vital cause like cancer research, and ultimately find a cure through the MMRF.

Their visionary leadership and inspirational support of the MMRF’s scientific and patient programs have enabled advances that would otherwise not be possible. In addition, they have inspired further support through generous contributions from thousands of other donors. The establishment of Dr. Elsey’s Fund to Cure Cancer will allow the MMRF to drive closer than ever towards a cure.

The Dr. Elsey’s Fund to Cure Cancer Will Support:

  • Genomic technologies and molecular profiling
  • CoMMpass Data
  • New Drug Discovery and Target Validation
  • Translational Research for new potential therapies and novel combinations
  • The Three Key Pillars of New Myeloma Treatments:
    • Molecularly targeted drugs
    • Immunotherapies
    • Novel drug classes and combinations
  • Patient education programs and resources