Facebook LIVE Follow-Up Notes from Traver Hutchins - Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Facebook LIVE Follow-Up Notes from Traver Hutchins

1st: If you haven’t had a chance to see my Journey, be sure to watch it here at http://lbln.healthcentral.com/mm

100 Day Post SCT MTG-Notes from Today’s Consult

“What to Expect”
Typically, there is a “100 Day post SCT” Meeting to review how the SCT worked & what the next steps are

  • Review Any Lingering Side Effects from the SCT
    • Gastro
    • Neuro
    • General Pain
  • Review State of Disease
    • 100% remission or “Minimum Residual Disease” (MRD)?
    • If Full remission, then choice is to do “watchful waiting” or consider a maintance drug regimen to prolong durability
    • If MRD, then consideration is to do a 2nd SCT AKA “Tandem SCT”, go on a drug regimen or consider watchful waiting
    • A bone building treatment may be advocated
  • My Next Steps as an example:
    • MRD exists. Considered a “Very Good Partial Response” (VGPR)
    • Bone treatment already resumed
    • New chemo treatment advocated for 6 months
    • Blood testing every other week/min 1x per month
    • Goal is to in 100% remission in 6 months
  • In the meantime, keep close to the new therapies & upcoming ones via the www.themmrf.org site. My sincerest thanks to the MMRF for all their efforts to help bring new therapies that extend lives and move MM to become a curable disease.
  • Special thanks to everyone at Mt Sinai- One of the leading Multiple Myeloma Centers of Excellence in the world…and to Dr. Jaganath who leads the band.
  • Also a special thanks to Amgen who has helped bring my story, the education & the inspiration to a broader audience.
  • Finally, a special thanks to all the Folks at Remedy Health Media (www.healthcentral.com) who have worked tirelessly to get my story out to the MM universe in a way that is truly compelling for all who see it.
  • The data is clear: We are all best served to be as educated as possible…and to be cared for by medical professionals who frequently see MM cases. This greatly improves outcomes.

Onward & Upward!

Traver Hutchins

Posted: January 05, 2017

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