Maximize Online Donation Page - Build a MMRF Donation Page

Maximizing Your Online Donation Page


Use the following resources and tips to make the most of your online donations. Click on any topic below to learn more.

Setup Instructions for Personal Donation Pages

When you registered to join our team, you either logged on with your Team for Cures event page or created an account by registering for the event of your choice (visit to pick your next event). Once your registration is complete,the website automatically makes a fundraising webpage for you, and that page link is emailed to you.

You are now ready to personalize your fundraising webpage. Simply log on to your account by going to your event webpage. Once you log in, look for the link at the top right of the page that says “Participant Center”.

There you can customize your title and body, which is what your page visitors will see when they come to donate to your campaign. You can also upload a photo or video, personalize your page URL, and set or change your fundraising goal.

How to Build a Great Donation Page

The personal donation page template will be automatically branded to the MMRF and will be very simple to read and to use as a backdrop for your personal message. Important facts about the MMRF can be found in the FAQs. For the best, most effective donation campaign, make sure your page follows these guidelines:

  • Write a message that tells people WHY you are participating in this event.
  • Tell supporters HOW you are connected to multiple myeloma.
  • Share the story with supporters of how much participating in this event will mean to you and how their support is so important to your effort.
  • Be sure to include a picture of yourself or of the patient you are honoring. If you want to add multiple photos, we suggest making a collage online via You will need to resize your images to “Large Web Photo” size. If you are not able to do so, e-mail the image to your team manager for help. If you do not have a photo to include, pick a photo or logo of the event you are participating in. Know that a picture makes a BIG difference and adds to the emotional connection your page visitor have with supporting you.
  • Share the message about how much MMRF has done to fund research and how their efforts are moving the medical community closer to finding a cure.