Multiple Myeloma Research Race FAQ - Myeloma Fundraising Race FAQ

5K Walk/Run

Frequently Asked Questions

I have donated to the MMRF and/or signed up to receive MMRF emails in the past. Does that mean I have an account?
Yes, the MMRF website creates an account for you when you make a donation or sign up for email communications. To get that username and password sent to you, click here.

I cannot remember my password!
Your password is easy to retrieve. Click here.

I filled out the form asking for a password hint but I never got an email with the hint, what should I do?
The hint actually appears on the same page that you request it from. Depending on how your computer’s display settings are configured you may need to scroll down the page to see it.

Which web browser should I use for the best experience when using the MMRF Race for Research 5K Series website?
The MMRF Race for Research website has been optimized and tested for use on the following major web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome 9+, Apple Safari 5+ (Mac). Should you experience any problems using the site we would recommend checking to ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser.

How do I set-up my team fundraising page?
You have to be registered for the race and a designated team captain in order to update your team’s fundraising page. When you register, we automatically create both a team fundraising page and a personal fundraising page for you! You can also follow the easy steps outlined below:

Step 1: Complete your registration for the race by starting your own team. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email with your log in to My Race Center and instructions to customize your personal fundraising page as well as your team fundraising page.

Step 2: Log-in to My Race Center and make edits to the team page by clicking the Team Page tab

Step 3: You will want to personalize your team’s URL by selecting Update personal URLs for easy link sending.

Step 4: Email the link to all your friends, family, associates and contacts!

Can you give me some tips on what to write on my fundraising page?
When you register for the race, we create a fundraising page for you that has the latest MMRF facts and progress information. However, we suggest you personalize your message within that write up:

  • Write a message that tells people WHY you are participating in the Race for Research event
  • Tell them about HOW you are connected to Multiple Myeloma
  • Share how their support is so important to your effort.
  • Include a picture of yourself or of the myeloma patient you are honoring
  • Share the message how much MMRF has done to fund research and how their efforts are getting the medical community closer to finding a cure.

Are donations tax deductible? Will donors receive documentation of their contribution?
The MMRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The tax ID number is 06-1504413. All donations are tax deductible. Your donors will receive a thank you letter and a tax receipt automatically via email if the contribution is made online. Supporters who make a check donation will receive a letter in the mail shortly after the MMRF receives the contribution. Please note that Registration fees are NOT tax-deductible, as participants are receiving a good/service in exchange (a race registration and participant T-shirt).

What about “Company Matches”? How does that work?
Many companies offer a “Company Matching” program, whereby employers match contributions made by employees. This is a BENEFIT for the employees. Be sure to use it!
MMRF has enlisted a service that makes the whole process very easy. Just enter the name of your donor’s employer to see if they are already in the MMRF database. If not, contact the human resources department or appropriate person within your company for their procedure.
Once you get the information, here is all you have to do:

1. Have employee fill out the Matching Gift form from their employer — it will either be attached to the “search” finding in our Matching Gifts search engine, or can be obtained through the employee’s HR department.

2. After completing the form, you or the employee can fax or email it to the MMRF — | (203) 972-1259.

3. We will take it from there — and we will add the Company Matching funds amounts to your personal donation pages once they have been processed.

4. If you do not find the company in the Matching Gift data base, you may want to check with the Human Resources Department of the company you are requesting matching funds from. The search tool we use is very sensitive to exact names of companies and divisions. Take a few minutes to follow up with all contributions you receive. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how many companies offer this wonderful benefit to their employees!

What do I do with cash and checks that I have collected?
Please add any hard donations you receive (cash and checks) to your fundraising page. You can do this by logging into My Race Center and clicking “Enter New Gift.” Once the gift has been added to your page, please send them to us or bring them with you on race day!
Checks should be made out to MMRF. Be sure to include the name of the event and the fundraiser’s name on the check so that your donation will be recorded correctly. The donor will receive a letter documenting the tax deductible contribution. Please send collected checks to:

MMRF Race for Research
383 Main Avenue, 5th Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

Why am I having trouble registering?

If you are having trouble registering, you may need to update your internet browser. The site is currently optimized for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9, Mozilla Firefox versions 3.6+, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Consider upgrading your web browser if you are running an outdated version.

Who do I contact if I have a question or need help?
The MMRF Race for Research Team is here to help! Please call or email us if you have any questions or concerns. No issue is too big or too small!
Email: | Phone: 203-652-0208