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Event Ideas


People often ask “How can I help?” The answer is to get involved. Gather your friends and raise funds and awareness. Every contribution helps accelerate research, bringing us closer to a cure for multiple myeloma.

There are currently over 85 individuals/groups that host their own independent fundraisers all across the country. See their on the inspiration pages (add Link to Page). Choose any event that you would like to host, whether it has been done before or not, and we will help guide your event to success.

If you cannot come up with an event that you would like to host but you know you want to contribute, here is a list of ideas. The highlighted events are our most popular and we have step-by-step guides available. To obtain a copy please email:

Bake Sale
Basketball Throw
Bike Ride
Bowling Night
Car Show
Cocktail Party
Comedy Event
Cut Your Hair Event
Collect Pennies
Dodgeball Tournament
Dog Contest
Fashion Show
Football Tournament
Gift Wrapping
Golf Tournament
Holiday Party
House Tour
Karaoke Night
Kayaking Race
Kickball Tournament
Movie Night
Music Concert
Paddleboarding Race
Pasta Night
Spinning Even – Bike
Softball Tournament
Volleyball Tournament
Walking/Run Event
Wedding or Special Occasion