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January 27-28 – New York, NYCancer Stem Cell Research Strategies: Applications to Multiple Myeloma


To discuss scientific achievements in both myeloma and stem cell biology as well as outline the challenges of translating laboratory findings regarding cancer stem cells (CSC) to the clinic. Through a mutual exchange of ideas between experts in the fields of CSC and myeloma biology, strategies to target the multiple myeloma CSC will be formulated. The MMRF will use the information from this roundtable to issue a Request for Application to the broader research community on critical topics relating to CSC applications to multiple myeloma.


This roundtable was made possible by the MMRF through educational grants from Celgene Corporation, Geron Corporation, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Semafore Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and the generous contributions from donors including Christopher Walker.

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