The MMRF has shown
remarkable foresight

in creating the collection of high-quality tissue samples and establishing
the Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative.

-Eric Lander, PhD,
 Founding Director of the Broad Institute and
 Director of its Genome Biology Program

In March 2011, less than six years after the MMRF launched its Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative, researchers published a landmark study in Nature analyzing 38 multiple myeloma genome sequences—the largest such data set ever published in multiple myeloma.

Analyzing tissue samples provided by patients through the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC) Tissue Bank, our Genomics Initiative has uncovered novel connections between the disease and important molecular targets, improving the understanding of how multiple myeloma develops, and accelerating our ability to identify specific subtypes and design therapies to treat them. The MMRF provided funding for this work and developed a model to enable collaboration among the Broad Institute and TGen, two world-class genomics centers, and leading multiple myeloma experts.

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View videos highlighting how the MMRF is working with patients, clinicians, and researchers to learn more about the biology of multiple myeloma and the subtypes of the disease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative Backgrounder

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Nature Abstract

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Nature Publication Podcast

Listen to Kathy Giusti (MMRF), Dr. Todd Golub (The Broad Institute), and Dr. Kenneth Anderson (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) discuss the genome sequencing and analysis published in Nature.

Nature Publication Press Release

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