For Academic Researchers:

Tissue Bank

Until recently, a scarcity of high-quality myeloma tissue has posed one of the greatest challenges in advancing myeloma research and drug development. Now, with the successful establishment of the MMRC Tissue Bank, researchers for the first time have access to the critical mass of high-quality tissue needed to rapidly validate novel and combination therapies for myeloma.

The MMRC Tissue Bank is the only resource of its kind that integrates myeloma tissue samples with corresponding genomic and clinical data. To date, the MMRC Tissue Bank has accrued more than 1,900 samples with matching peripheral blood samples, with ongoing collection of tissue samples at Member Institutions nationwide. To further accelerate accrual, the MMRC has also launched a direct-to-patient program to enable myeloma patients to donate their tissue to the MMRC Tissue Bank.

Notably, all tissue accrued into the MMRC Tissue Bank is uniformly collected and stored in adherence with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards and under the governance of more than 50 standard operating procedures. The MMRC has also established a quality assurance unit that performs weekly internal quality assurance reviews and issues quarterly quality assurance reports. In addition, the MMRC Tissue Bank has been audited twice by external organizations since it inception last year. With these stringent practices in place, the MMRC has ensured that all tissue samples in the MMRC Tissue Bank are of the very highest-quality and, as such, has quickly become the premier resource for industry seeking fresh tissue samples to initiate strong validation work.

All samples contributed to the MMRC Tissue Bank are collected in a manner consistent with all regulatory requirements, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).