For Academic Researchers


  1. What kinds of projects does the MMRF fund?

    The MMRF supports research in basic science, validation, and clinical trials

  2. Do you fund internationally?

    Yes. The MMRF accepts applications from every country around the world and has funded studies across Europe and in Canada, Australia, and Israel.

  3. What is the review process?

    The review policy at the MMRF is a stringent and equitable process that has been approved by the NCI as it meets the same rigorous scientific standards that the NCI applies to its own research grant review process. Reviewers with specific expertise are identified and recruited to address emerging needs in new scientific areas. Furthermore, reviewers are excluded from participation if he/she or anyone from the same institution has applied for a research award.

  4. Can I re-new my existing grant?

    Renewals and no-cost extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Researchers should contact the MMRF Grants Office at (203) 652-0229.

  5. How do I submit a progress report? A final report? (link to templates and instructions)

  6. How do I become a member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium? (MMRC)

    Organizations that are interested in joining the Consortium should contact the MMRC's Associate Director at (203) 652-0237.

  7. What is the difference between the MMRF and the MMRC?

    Since 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $160 million, funded more than 120 research institutions, and developed a diverse research "portfolio" of high-impact programs to deliver better treatments to patients faster. In 2004, the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium was launched and has subsequently been lauded as an exemplary model for collaborative research. Its 16 member institutions conduct clinical trials to accelerate the development of novel treatments for patients with myeloma. Today, the MMRF is funding research into 70 compounds and combination approaches that may represent the next generation of treatments, as well as supporting the advancement of 30 clinical trials of novel compounds and combination approaches through the MMRC's clinical trials network.

  8. How do I access tissue samples?

    In order to request samples from the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium’s Tissue Bank, you must submit a completed application (insert link). It will then be reviewed by the MMRC Steering Committee. For more information, please contact the MMRC Tissue Bank Coordinator at (203) 652-0210.