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CoMMpass Study

1000 Thank Yous
To our supporters, partners and patients – each one of you deserves 1,000 thank yous! We’re proud to announce that we have now reached full enrollment with 1,000 patients participating in the first phase of our landmark CoMMpass Study.

We established the MMRF CoMMpass Study – the most comprehensive in myeloma – with the goal of enrolling 1,000 patients who would provide tissue samples when first diagnosed, and then each time there was a change in their treatment.

These tissue samples would be genetically analyzed and shared along with resulting treatment data among a team of researchers across more than 100 cancer centers that the MMRF has assembled. The CoMMpass Study will dramatically advance the understanding of the molecular basis of the disease, and how individual patients respond to therapies.
Today, the vision has become a reality. Because multiple myeloma is a rare disease, having a thousand patients enrolled in the study is the equivalent of following more than 1.2 million patients with type 2 diabetes. This will help speed the way to findings that can help accelerate the development of novel, personalized treatments.

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The CoMMpass Study is about patients helping patients to put new treatment options within reach. By providing bone marrow samples when first diagnosed, and continuing to do so over at least 8 years, patients are enabling us to track how the disease progresses, changes, and reacts to novel treatments over time. Want to know more about this groundbreaking study? Register to receive updates, and we’ll keep you informed as the study progresses.

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More about the MMRF CoMMpass Study
A collaboration of world-class researchers in over 90 institutions – a “dream team” of cancer specialists – the CoMMpass Study will accelerate the discovery and development of personalized treatments for patients. This long-term, observational study will create the largest, most comprehensive clinical-genomic map of multiple myeloma or other any cancer. The findings cannot be patented and all the data are placed on a public portal (the MMRF Researcher Gateway). For laying this groundwork, the MMRF leadership now has a seat on President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

Earlier this year, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) brought together representatives from the top research organizations in multiple myeloma to share new data, brainstorm innovative solutions to cancer research, and identify new hypotheses to accelerate discovery of a cure for this devastating disease.

The highlight of the event culminated with an analyses of data from our CoMMpass Study℠, a long-term, global study in patients with newly-diagnosed, active multiple myeloma. The goal of CoMMpass is to map the genomic profile of up to 1,000 myeloma patients at diagnosis and at multiple points throughout the course of the disease and identify specific genetic mutations that are driving myeloma. This knowledge will help speed the development of personalized, targeted treatments to patients.

Learn more about the interim analysis of MMRF’s groundbreaking CoMMpass Study by and what it means for patients from Daniel Auclair, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research at the MMRF; Jonathan Keats, PhD, Assistant Professor, Integrated Cancer Division at the Translational Genomics Institute; Leif Bergsagel, MD, Hematology/Oncology at Mayo Clinic; and Blake Aftab, PhD, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, by watching the video above.

A groundbreaking study
In 2011, the MMRF launched the CoMMpass Study, the first of its kind in myeloma. A collaboration of world-class researchers in over 90 institutions — a “dream team” of cancer specialists — the CoMMpass Study is helping researchers gain access to each patient’s genetic analysis to help them learn how patients respond to therapies. The findings cannot be patented and all the data are placed on a public portal (the MMRF Researcher Gateway). The resulting data set will be the largest, most comprehensive catalog of multiple myeloma including the largest set of whole genome sequences. It will provide far more information than is possible from current cancer tissue banks that typically include one sample per patient.

Benefits for all
By participating in CoMMpass, patients will help accelerate the discovery and development of precision medicine for multiple myeloma — and be among the first to benefit from it as treatments become available.

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Interested in participating in the CoMMpass Study? Contact the MMRF at 866-603-6628

Inclusion criteria
Male or female 18 years or older, newly diagnosed, prior to start of treatment
Symptomatic multiple myeloma with measurable disease that includes at least one of the following:

  • Serum M protein ≥1 g/dL – Urine M protein ≥ 200 mg/24 hr – Involved free light chain level >10 mg/dL and an abnormal serum free light chain ratio (1.65)
  • Candidate for systemic therapy that includes an IMid® (eg, lenalidomide, pomalidomide, or thalidomide) and/or a proteasome inhibitor as part of the initial regimen
  • No more than 30 days from baseline bone marrow evaluation to initiation of therapy
  • Be able to read, understand, and sign the Informed Consent document

Exclusion criteria
Patient is already receiving systemic therapy for multiple myeloma (a single dose of bisphosphonates and up to 100 mg total dose of dexamethasone or equivalent corticosteroids are permitted prior to registration on study)

Currently receiving systemic therapy for multiple myeloma.
Please note that a single dose of bisphosphonates and up to 100 mg total dose of
dexamethasone or equivalent corticosteroids are permitted prior to study registration

Prior (within the last 5 years) malignancy.
Exceptions include basal or squamous cell carcinoma or in situ cancers of the cervix

Enrollment in a blinded clinical trial for the first-line treatment of multiple myeloma. Patients may be enrolled in subsequent clinical trials as long as continued access to data and tissue, as per this protocol, is not prohibited

More about the CoMMpass Study

Personalized medicine
The CoMMpass Study is at the center of the efforts of the MMRF to improve myeloma treatments and patient outcomes through personalized medicine. The information it collects will enable existing treatments to be tailored to specific patients based on their markers, and new targeted treatments to be identified and developed with research and industry collaborators.

10-year duration
The study follows newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients, beginning before they’re treated, over a 10-year period to understand the molecular and genetic changes underpinning the disease as it evolves.