A Collection of Best-in-class Partners

By partnering with leading cancer centers, researchers, and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we have been able to tackle challenges that are beyond the capacity of any one individual organization or researcher. This collaborative model has resulted in achievements unprecedented in oncology.


The power of collaboration has dramatically changed the treatment landscape.
See our timeline of accomplishments.

  • 1998MMRF established

  • 1998First MMRF Research Grant Awards

  • 1998First patient treated with Thalidomide®

  • 1999First MMRF Research Roundtable

  • 2000First complete response for Velcade®

  • 2000First MMRF Program Grant awarded

  • 2002Zometa® approved

  • 2002MMRF Grants Program approved by NCI

  • 2003Velcade® approved

  • 2003Kathy Giusti named to the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB)

  • 2004MMRC founded

  • 2004MMRC tissue bank established

  • 2005First MMRF Scientific Agenda

  • 2005MMRF Biotech Awards launched

  • 2005MMGI launched

  • 2005Thalomid® approved

  • 2007Revlimid® approved

  • 2008Doxil approved

  • 2009MMRC accelerates trial opening by 60%

  • 2009MMRC (IST) Platform built

  • 2010MMGI sequencing results published in Nature

  • 2010MMRC enrolls 1,000th patient in a clinical trial

  • 2011MMRF CoMMpassSM launched

  • 2011MMRF/Onyx establish C-MAP

  • 2011Record 8 treatments in Phase III trials

  • 2011Kathy Giusti named to the Time 100 list

  • 2012Kyprolis®

  • 2012FDA approves subsutaneous adinistration of Velcade®

  • 2012MMRF and US Dept. of Veterans Affairs create partnership

  • 2013Pomalyst® approved

  • 2013CoMMunity and Researcher Gateways launched

  • 2013Kathy Giusti honored by the White House as an Open Science Champion of Change

  • 2014MMRC launches 50th clinical trial

  • 2014CoMMpass Study enrollment almost completed

  • 2014200 sequences from MMGI published in Cancer Cell

Find Clinical Trials

To date, the MMRF has supported more than 350 research grants at 21 institutions worldwide. We have moved six drugs to market in the time it normally takes to get one drug FDA approved. Our pipeline is robust with exciting opportunites.


Changing the Paradigm

  • Personalizing Medicine
    Medicine in the MMRF CoMMpassSM Study

    Designed to uncover the genetic alterations seen in multiple myeloma and how they correlate with clinical findings, the groundbreaking MMRF CoMMpass Study is the cornerstone of the greater MMRF Personalized Medicine Initiative.

  • MMRF Research Gateway
    The Data Rich MMRF
    Research GatewaySM

    Here, researchers have open Internet access to genetic and clinical data on hundreds of patients from diagnosis through remissions and relapses.

  • MMRF Community Gateway
    The MMRF CoMMunity GatewaySM

    By connecting patients, physicians, and researchers, this resource has the potential to accelerate the spread of information for optimal disease management and quality of life.

  • Genomics Initiative
    The Multiple Myeloma Genomics Initiative

    This collaboration, the first to map the multiple myeloma genome, has produced a centralized repository of high-quality genomic information and bioinformatics tools, improving our ability to identify specific subtypes and design therapies to treat them.