Learn the Basics About Multiple Myeloma.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common blood cancer. The disease starts in the plasma cells in bone marrow. When the plasma cells become malignant, they create a defective protein that can grow out of control and crowd out the normal cells that help fight infection and disease. When the bad protein cells move into bone, they cause tumors. If the malignant cells form a tumor, it is called myeloma. If multiple tumors are formed, the disease is called multiple myeloma. In the past, there was little hope for those with this disease, but the MMRF has helped introduce seven new drugs. Through the power of new technology, genomics, immunology and the development of new treatments, lives are now being saved.


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There has been great progress in the development of therapies to treat multiple myeloma. Learning about your options can help you make better informed decisions.

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