Management of Common Side Effects of Thalomid
If You HaveYour Doctor May
DrowsinessAdjust the schedule or dose. Have you take Thalomid between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Reduce the dose or stop the drug temporarily (if drowsiness is severe).
Peripheral neuropathyReduce dose when the symptoms begin; if symptoms don’t progress, maintain reduced dose. Stop the drug temporarily (if neuropathy is severe) and restart treatment at a lower dose if symptoms improve.
DizzinessTell you to avoid sudden change in position from lying or sitting to standing. Adjust the dose if dizziness is severe.
Slow pulseReduce the dose or stop the drug if heart rate becomes very low or is associated with tiredness or dizziness.
ConstipationTell you to increase fluid intake.
Tell you to increase fiber intake.
Recommend that you use a stool softener daily.
Suggest that you take a laxative as needed.
Dry skin/rashTell you to use lotion for dry skin.
Stop therapy (if a rash develops).
Recommend that you use antihistamines or topical steroids to control itching.
Evaluate the condition to rule out serious skin reactions, restart treatment with Thalomid at a lower dose, and monitor you closely for skin reactions.