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MMRF Myeloma Mentors®

MMRF Myeloma Mentors have been trained and certified to share their experiences with multiple myeloma with patients, physicians, industry, and others in the myeloma community. Contact Sara Tyghter for more information or to contact one of the mentors.

Jack Aiello
San Jose, California

Jack is a former VP of Marketing and Customer Support on medical leave from a Silicon Valley firm. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1995 and has undergone tandem and allogeneic stem cell transplants. Jack and wife Nell have two daughters, Erin and Krista, and a son Jason.

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Jim Bond
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Jim is a CPA and partner with the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. He was diagnosed with myeloma in 1992. In 2002 he participated in the PS-341 clinical trial, which put his cancer into remission. Jim and wife Kathleen partner in their myeloma awareness-building activities and have two sons.
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Dina Feivelson
New York, New York

Diagnosed at the age of 32 with stage III myeloma in early 2002, Dina recently welcomed the birth of twin daughters. She is married to Neal and is a PhD student at Columbia University. She finds a sense of control in educating herself and others about myeloma.

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Angie Minnick
Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania

"We think we'll be here forever, but one little phone call can change your life." Self-proclaimed "captain of the family ship," Angie is a wife and mother of a daughter and two sons. She was diagnosed with stage III-A myeloma in January 2001 at the age of 36 and today continues her 15-year career as an aerobics instructor.

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Barb Stevens
Sylvania, Ohio

Barb took early retirement from her job as an oncology nurse when she was diagnosed with myeloma in 2001. She remains involved with the cancer community by serving as volunteer site coordinator for a breast cancer prevention trial and at a center for complementary therapies. Barb had autologous and mini-allogeneic stem cell transplants prior to her latest treatment, which put her myeloma into remission. She is the mother of five adult children and has 10 grandchildren.

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