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We know firsthand what it’s like to hear, “You have multiple myeloma.”
That’s why the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) exists.

Our goal is to accelerate the development of treatments for multiple myeloma and keep you informed along the way.To that end, this website is the source of everything that is known and being discovered in multiple myeloma. Look for frequent updates about therapies and clinical trials, learn about new developments in our understanding of multiple myeloma, benefit from connections to other patients, and more.

We encourage you to use the MMRF as a resource and participate in whichever ways you wish,
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Learn about
treatment options

There has been great progress in the development of therapies to treat multiple myeloma. Learning about your options can help you make better informed decisions.

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Your participation could provide the key to your cure.

If you have not yet started regular treatment, you may be eligible for the CoMMpass℠ Study, which analyzes your tissue before, during, and after treatment. You will be helping to develop personalized treatments for multiple myeloma — and be among the first to benefit as they become available.

Learn about clinical trials.

Clinical trials offer a chance to receive treatments that are otherwise not available. They have potential benefits not just for the wider myeloma community, but for individual participants as well.


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