The MMRF Precision Medicine Model

Better data. Better learning. Better trials. Better patients.

Precision Medicine Model

The MMRF is the only organization that has built an end-to-end cancer research system to facilitate and accelerate the entire process. It unites industry, academia, biotechs, clinics, researchers, the FDA, the NIH, caregivers and patients. This unique model is being emulated for other disease research.

Our Model

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The Data Bank

It all starts with data, so we created ways to generate it, gather it, decode it, and track it over time. The MMRF Data Bank is a goldmine of longitudinal genomic and clinical data.

The Learning Network

By pushing our valuable data to the public domain and creating incentives for academia and industry to share their learnings (instead of safeguarding them until they are published), we accelerate research and discovery.

The Clinic

Data and learning produce treatments to be tested. Our own clinical network, the Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium, helps us speed promising new therapies to trial, and the patients who need them.

Unmatched results in record time

The MMRF has opened over 60 trials of 30 new therapies. Seven drugs have been approved by the FDA with three more expected in the next year. Survival is three times longer than when we started.