The MMRF and MMRC Model

We can all do more, faster, by sharing information and discovery.

Historically, medical research was built on competition, which encouraged information hoarding. It was good for researchers’ reputations when they made a discovery. However, it was not a good environment for patients waiting for treatments and drug discoveries.

The MMRF brings collaboration to the cancer research space.

The MMRF is transforming the cancer research landscape by replacing the old system based on competition with a new patient-centric model of collaboration.

By offering different incentives and taking advantage of new technologies, we have leveraged the collective power of the medical community. With our partners — researchers, clinicians, academic centers and industry — we have succeeded in building game-changing models in tissue banking, genomics, clinical trials, and open access.

What this means is bringing new breakthrough treatments to patients 60% faster than the industry standard—increasing life expectancy of multiple myeloma patients threefold.

Here is what our model provides:

  • Genomic data from thousands of individual patients that was once “owned” by individual institutions or labs is now available to the whole research community.
  • An open-access system between patients, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and researchers accelerating results.
  • A consortium of hundreds of centers that are now working together.
  • New discoveries made more quickly. Trials and treatments evaluated efficiently, and those with merit moving forward faster.
  • Aligning patients’ genomic information with immune-based therapies to develop a customized cure for specific cancer types.

The MMRF and MMRC have transformed myeloma research. And we are becoming the blueprint for other research organizations around the world.