Ways To Donate:

Wedding and Special Occasion Favors

Give special meaning to your special day with a tax-deductible gift to the MMRF.

In lieu of wedding or special occasion party favors, make your event even more meaningful by turning it into a way to support the research efforts of the MMRF. Give a donation in honor of your guests and in honor or in memory of a loved one.

You can announce your contribution with favor cards for your tables (view a sample favor card). They can be personalized with your own message to honor or memorialize a loved one. You may choose to donate one total sum or to specify a particular dollar amount per guest. The MMRF recommends a minimum gift of $2 per guest. Once your donation has been received, we will email you a PDF of your favor templates to print at home or at your local printer.

To order your favor templates, or for more information, please call (203) 652-0215 or send an email to events@themmrf.org.

Wedding and Gift Registry

Don’t need another blender? Turn your day of love into longer lives for others.

In lieu of a traditional gift registry, ask your guests to contribute to your MMRF Tribute Page. Tribute pages come with photo albums, a guest book, and a link to make a donation in your honor. You will be able to create a short URL that’s easy to remember, and be provided with an email tool for inviting your friends and family to visit your wedding page. Create your Wedding Page today!