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Precious Cat, a leading producer of quality cat litter, has generously supported the MMRF since 2009 when Co-Founder Kathy Elsey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

She and her husband, veterinarian Dr. Bruce Elsey, have given a $1 million match to the MMRF end-of-year fundraising campaign in both 2011 and 2012. Through their generosity, the Elseys have played a critical role in helping the MMRF bring innovative new treatments to patients, and they continue to bring us a closer to finding a cure.

To date the Elseys have donated over $4 million to support the MMRF in accelerating new therapies in pursuit of a cure for multiple myeloma.

“For me, the MMRF has been far more than just a research organization. They have been my confidante, my inspiration, and my hope that one day soon there will be a cure.”
- Kathy Elsey


Kathy Elsey’s story has produced an outpouring of responses from the MMRF community. So many opened their hearts and lives to fellow supporters by sharing their own experiences, reinforcing the belief in, and gratitude to, the MMRF felt by so many.

Here is just a sample of the messages addressed to Kathy Elsey:

Dear Kathy,

Your story sounds very similar to mine. My diagnosis of multiple myeloma was in 2008. I had five fractures in my spine and lost four inches in height...I have also been treated with Velcade and Revlimid. l am very grateful to the MMRF...for the treatment I have had. Although I am now retired, I am enjoying my life and am able to care for my home and spend quality time with my husband, our families, and friends.

I read the monthly MMRF newsletters and suppport the organization... Thank you for your letter.

With all good wishes,
Hi Kathy,

My story is so much like yours . I try to walk every day, exercise and stay healthy. My spine was also hit - 4.5 inches gone. I still take revlimid and my numbers are down [I am] just waiting for complete remission. So happy to be here and spend time with the grandchildren. Keep on !!! and good health.

Hello Kathy,

It was so good of you to share your experience as a Multiple Myeloma patient as I have experienced some of the same effects of the disease.

I have also lost three inches off my height. I was diagnosed in the summer of 2007 at which time I was very ill and weak. It was through my doctor that I learned about the MMRF. I have learned much from the two MMRF sponsored seminars that I attended. I also find the regular news updates from the MMRF on the internet very helpful and encouraging.

I try to walk at least a mile daily and am able to carry on most of my regular life. I probably wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the MMRF and what it is doing.

Clara May
Multiple Myeloma Patient



With your help, Precious Cat will continue to be a generous benefactor to the MMRF for years to come.

Visit their website today to learn more about Precious Cat products and how Precious Cat matches cat owners with the right solutions.

Please also help us spread the word about Precious Cat’s generosity to all the cat lovers in your community!

Kathy Elsey

Co-Founder of Precious Cat and multiple myeloma patient.
The MMRF Community Responds

Kathy’s story drew much support from MMRF constituents.
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