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Letter Writing Campaign

Letter Writing Campaign

Start a Letter Writing Campaign

E-mail or a hand written letter are some of the easiest ways to raise money for multiple myeloma research:

  1. Draft and distribute your letter. View a sample letter here.
  2. Keep track of the donations on the MMRF contributions form.
  3. Send a MMRF thank you note to each donor. View a sample Thank You letter here.

Please complete the form linked below and a member of our events team will contact you with information and tools to get you started.

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Create a Tribute Page

Another meaningful way to raise funds is by honoring or memorializing a friend or loved one with multiple myeloma through creating a Tribute Page.

It's simple to do, and you can Invite others to view the page, add words of support, or make a donation to the MMRF to help bring patients the next generation of treatment.

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