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Meet Eric Gelber

Run Your Own Race Program Participant
The Catskill 155

Eric's Story:

Eric Gelber really knows how to go the extra mile to support a good cause. From Thursday evening of August 11, 2011 through that Saturday afternoon, he ran 155 miles non-stop to benefit the MMRF. His custom course, which he named “The Catskill 155 – Journey for a Cure” began in upstate New York and meandered through the Catskill Mountains, finishing in Suffern, NY. A father of three, Eric has raised more than $80,000 for the MMRF since he became been involved with the organization in 2007, and has raised $30,000 so far for this race alone.

The August non-stop physical challenge was the equivalent of running six marathons in less than two days. Family friend Anita Sorrell, diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2003, was waiting for Eric at the finish line. “I am humbled and honored by Eric’s relentless pursuit of not only his personal goal of running so incredibly far, but of his drive to raise more and more money each year for this terrible cancer that I battle. He is my angel here on earth,” said Anita.

Attracting the interest of such media outlets as the Wall Street Journal, Eric’s Catskill 155 took months of planning and preparation. The MMRF’s Endurance Events Run Your Own Race Program lent training and fundraising support while wife Tani and many friends and family members divided and conquered to join Eric and form a crew along the route. In the end, only Eric’s feet knew the challenge and victory of completing the full course. Eric’s remarkable stamina is proof that anything is possible, and he credits Anita with providing the inspiration. He explains, “Anita has taught all those who know her that every day is a good day.”

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