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Triathlon Training Tips - Week 4

Week #4 – Join a Training Group

Nothing makes your triathlon training more enjoyable and easier than joining a training group. Sure, we are all busy, but you are about to spend a lot of time swimming, cycling and running. Joining a group helps you find others who are at your same training level, and will provide you with like-minded athletes to work out with you as go through the many weeks leading up to race day.

It’s easy to find a group. Go online to You will be amazed how organized and welcoming triathlon clubs are. There are probably several in your community. Most have athletes of all levels, so you will not only have a training group, but are likely to have some veterans who you can ask questions of. The race director of your triathlon can direct you as well. In addition, there are triathlon training programs that offer training packages which, depending on your skill level, might be a great investment in your progress.

So, don’t be shy. Make time for this, even if you can only go once a week. You’ll improve fast and enjoy the camaraderie of other local athletes!