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Triathlon Training Tips - Week 16

Week #16 - The Final Week

It's almost here. I don't know about you, but I am starting to get really excited for the big day. Since you will all be swimming, biking and running much less next week and will therefore have much more time on your hands, here's how you will occupy that time.

  1. Get all your gear together: Assemble anything and everything you will need for your race. Try on your entire race outfit and go for a short swim, bike and run. You will want to try out your clothes and gear and simulate your race with the exact clothing that you will wear on race day. Do not leave anything to the last minute. Nothing adds to potential tri stress like running around the day before trying to buy a bike helmet or wetsuit and they are nowhere to be found.

  2. Stretch: Use the extra time you have since you are not training as much this week to loosen up those muscles that have become tight from months of hard work. I will often spend up to an hour each session stretching the week before a race.

  3. Visualize Success: Sit back, throw on your iPod and visualize the perfect race. Envision yourself doing all three legs of the triathlon — standing at the start line feeling excited, but not nervous, to get in the water. See yourself swimming nice and relaxed. Picture yourself on the bike filled with energy. Visualize that final mile on the run when you know that you are almost there and see yourself "putting down the hammer," giving all you have left. See yourself crossing with arms raised and a huge smile on your face.

  4. Relax: The work is done. The best thing that you can do now is rest, rest, rest. When it comes to workouts now the rule is, "When in doubt, leave it out."

Congratulations on making it this far!