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Triathlon Training Tips - Week 12

Week #12 - Triathlon Success Strategies

Here now are my personal top 10 Success Strategies for the triathlon. Many of these will sound self-explanatory and/or overly simplistic, but I guarantee you they are seldom followed and are the very keys to your best race!

  1. Follow a “taper” – This is the gradual reduction in training volume, and will be dealt with thoroughly in next week’s training tip.

  2. Begin “carbing up” several days before, not just the night before. You will need to eat more carbohydrates to fuel your body correctly.

  3. Don't expect to get anything on the course, especially gels. Bring as much on your person as you can without significantly slowing yourself down.

  4. Be prepared to adjust your goals to the weather conditions.

  5. Run the first few miles slower than your goal race pace.

  6. Don't try anything new on race day.

  7. Be prepared for the unexpected. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned.

  8. Control your emotions from the moment you wake up until you cross that finish line.

  9. Hydrate and take in calories early.

  10. Have fun.

Number eight is one of the most crucial points and one of the most difficult to master. I have a quote on the wall of my office by R.W. Lazarus which reads "Emotion is a direct manifestation of a person's appraisal of any given situation." This simple quote can absolutely make or break your marathon performance.