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Triathlon Training Tips - Week 1

Week #1 – Get your Training Plan in Place

There are many different training plans you can follow. In fact, if you do a little research, you can become overwhelmed. I recommend that you find one that makes sense for you from a reputable source and then stick with that. I outline numerous different plans in both the first and second editions of my book The 12-Week Triathlete, and you can also find free training plans on the Internet. The key is to find a plan to follow that fits your goals, your fitness level and your available time to train.

When you joined the team, you were sent a copy of my book, Tom Holland's The 12-Week-Triathlete – Everything You Need to Know to Train and Succeed in Any Triathlon in Just Three Months – No Matter Your Skill Level. Thousands of people around the world have completed triathlons using my plans, from the sprint distance all the way up to the Ironman. It doesn't matter whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned veteran, these plans can help you have your best race while remaining injury-free.

I have also created plans for both the Olympic and Ironman distance triathlons and made them available on an interactive basis, via TrainingPeaks software, the most highly regarded provider of online training plans there is. Working with TrainingPeaks will prepare you for your best event ever:

  • Look for nightly emails with your next day's workout.

  • Track your training or upload your workout file from one of 80+ training devices (GPS, HR, speed/distance, etc).

  • Create and save routes.

  • Share your activities with your friends or coach through email or Facebook.

  • Track your nutrition together with your training.

  • And much more.

So, if you like what you see in my book, and want to receive the same plans and motivational training advice built into an online training log and plan, sign up to receive my triathlon training plan via TrainingPeaks.

Click here to find out which one of my training plans is just right for you. These plans are available to MMRF PowerTeam members at no cost. Simply enter code "mmrf" in the PROMO/COUPON box when you check out!