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MMRF Endurance Events - Runner Testimonials

Miles for Myeloma - Friends Running Together to Find a Cure

"I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your support and effort that went into our race. When Jana first suggested that we train and raise money for the MMRF, my family wasn't even 1 month into our post diagnosis journey. I couldn't get my head around how I would possibly take on something that seemed so big. Then I thought about what my dad was going through and knew it was the least I could do. Being part of the team that trained and raised funds for the MMRF was a priceless experience. I was in the midst of the most difficult and emotional time of my life. It was a daily challenge to feel calm and in control. The team experience gave me something to focus on that I actually had control over."

– Jodi Manby

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon 2008 – Team Raised $30,000

Running in My Father's Footsteps

"My dad loved running and taught me to love running too. He stopped doing marathons after the kids were born so he could spend more time with our family. Two years after being diagnosed with myeloma, at age 59, my father agreed to run along my side in my first marathon, after a 20 year hiatus. He knew it might be our last chance. He was right. Running the NYC Marathon was my second marathon. Being part of the MMRF Team provided me the support I needed to surpass my fundraising and marathon goals, while honoring my father and getting us closer to a cure for multiple myeloma!"

– Kendra Goffredo

NYC Marathon 2009 – Raised $28,000

Patient: Running for My Kids

"I had a stem cell transplant several years ago, and wanted to run this Half Marathon with my kids to show myself – and them – that I was strong and healthy again. How great to have running this 13.1 milestone as something we planned for and did together, and what a thrill to cross the finish line with my two teenage daughters. The MMRF did a great job of supporting and encouraging us. This was something I will never forget!"

– Traci Lech

NYC Half Marathon 2009 – Raised $8,250

Running for My Dad

"What an honor it is for me to participate in the Marathon Charity program! I didn't take this challenge on just to get into a particular marathon; I did this to honor my dad's struggle with this disease. With the support and encouragement from the program, especially from Alicia O'Neill and Jane Hoffmann, I have more than exceeded every goal, both financially and physically, I had set for myself. I was so happy my dad was at the event to see this!"

– Betsy Parker

Marine Corps Marathon (DC) 2008 – Raised $12,092

Raising Research Money for Myeloma

"I've raised $6000 for the MMRF by running the marathon, so all in all it has been a fantastic thing to have been involved in. I want to thank you for selecting me to be on the MMRF team. It has meant a great deal to me and is an experience I will always treasure. Raising money for research of the disease I study through my work at Millennium made this experience very powerful."

– Jonathan Blank

Boston Marathon 2009 – Raised $6,000

It Runs in the Family – Patient Runs with His Kids

"The marathon was incredible. As a patient waiting for a stem cell transplant, the question of whether I could run or not was excruciating. I got such a lift each time the doctor told me I would be able to go at it another month. What a joy it was when I realized I would actually be able to run The Newport Marathon with my son and daughter. I was having trouble keeping from breaking down as it got closer and closer to the finish line. It was Incredible to get in shape to run it. It was Incredible to make it to marathon day. And it was Incredible to run it as a fundraiser for MMRF. I love running marathons and thought I might never get to #10. I did."

– Peter Neal

Breakers Marathon 2008 – Raised $4,687

Doctor Helps MMRF get Closer to the Cure

"I have been so excited to participate in the MMRF marathon program on many levels: As a myeloma doctor, as the son of a myeloma patient (my mother), and as a runner. I hope our MMRF Marathon Team efforts will help raise awareness and contribute to advances in managing this disease through research and new drug development. We are getting closer to the cure. I see it in my practice every day. People with myeloma are living longer and living better. All of this is possible through foundations like MMRF. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this group."

– Dr. Robert B. Berryman, MD

Boston Marathon 2008, Chicago Marathon 2008, and NYC Marathon 2009 – Raised $10,500

Honoring My Father on the 5th Anniversary of His Passing

"At the finish line, I released a balloon with my father's picture on it. I ran in his honor to help raise funds for additional research of multiple myeloma. I couldn't think of a better way to honor him than to run Boston in his memory. The fact that I was the biggest fundraiser for the team made it even more meaningful. My family and friends really got behind me. It made me feel good to be able to honor my father with the funds raised, the energy from all of the donors, and with the run in Boston"

– Julie Fitzpatrick

Boston Marathon 2009 – Raised $11,152

Running To Raise Awareness

"Running on behalf of the MMRF has allowed me to add so much purpose to marathon running. I get to do what I love, and also raise awareness and funds in honor of my sister, Christine. The MMRF marathon personnel gave me fundraising and running support along with running "goodies" and gear to enable me to accomplish my goals as a runner. I would be proud to cross every finish line wearing the orange of the MMRF."

– Erin Petkash

Cleveland Marathon 2008, Chicago Marathon 2008, and Cleveland Marathon 2009 – Raised $16,315

Racing For My Husband's Life

"Nothing means more to me than to be able to actively participate in saving my husband's life. Mark was diagnosed with myeloma in Jan 2007. After a full year of battling and a difficult stem cell transplant, he has yet to achieve any sort of remission. We need your help to find another treatment. Mark's life depends on it!"

– Lee Vasquez

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon 2008 – Raised $3,110

Running To Give Back

"I ran the Boston Marathon for the MMRF. This was my first marathon and doing it for the MMRF helped to make it meaningful and fun. I am a medical researcher in the cancer and transplantation fields and I have benefited from grant support from the MMRF for my research. Giving back by raising money for the marathon was very rewarding. Additionally, it was gratifying to see how many of my friends, family and colleagues were happy to support this important cause. The MMRF weekly newsletters provided excellent training tips and the support provided by MMRF was another benefit of joining their team."

– Dr. Megan Sykes, M.D.

Boston Marathon 2008 and Boston Marathon 2009 – Raised $13,200

In Memory of My Mother on Her Birthday

"When I saw that the marathon I dreamed of running was on my mother's birthday, I just knew I had to do it in honor of her! Thank you for all you have done to the team reach our goals. You have inspired, informed, and encouraged us on our journey to raise money for a great cause. Without this program, I doubt that I would have considered a financial donation to the MMRF (it just was never on my radar). But, more importantly, I think we raised awareness about MM and the MMRF locally and that's priceless."

– Tammy Light

Chicago Marathon 2008 and Chicago Marathon 2009 – Raised $3,640

Running to be a Role Model for my Kids and to Support a Great Cause

"I have always wanted to run the New York City Marathon, but the time to train takes away from my family. I decided if I was going to take that time, I would want to also raise money for a great cause and be a good example to my sons. What a thrill it was to have them see me along the course and at the finish!"

– David Hagen

New York City Marathon 2009 – Raised $5245

Running to Support Myeloma Research and to Join Other Celgene Employees

" I wanted to run the New York City Marathon – even though I live in California. When I learned that Celgene was recruiting runners to run the marathon to support the MMRF I knew this was my chance. I liked the idea of supporting the organization that, like Celgene was working so hard to extend the lives of patients and find a cure for myeloma. How fun to see my daughter at the MMRF Cheer Zone at mile 19!"

– Isabella Okuda

New York City Marathon 2009 – Raised $3665


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