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MMRF PowerTeam Membership

What are the team member benefits? What can I expect to receive as a member of the MMRF PowerTeam?

Why should I join the MMRF PowerTeam?

Is there a fee to join the MMRF PowerTeam?

Multiple Myeloma and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

What is multiple myeloma?

What are the key things I can tell my donors about MMRF?


How much do I have to raise?

What is the best way to raise money?

How do I set up my donation page?

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my donation page?

Can you give me some tips on how to write a good donation page?

How do I send emails from my account? Do I have to use to send emails?

Are donations tax deductible? Will donors receive documentation of their contribution?

What do I do with cash and checks that I have collected?

How do I get the cash and check donations included in my donation pages? How do I add money that came from company matching funds?

What about "Company Matching"? How does that work?

Can I make changes to my donation page once it is set up? Can I add a picture? Can I increase my fundraising goal?


Do you provide training for the event?

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